Dance Pet Piano HD 1.1.1

Dance Pet Piano HD 1.1.1



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Dance Pet Piano is a very interesting game for kids to learn how to play piano with fun! Animal can dance when your kids press the right key. There about 20 famous kids music to choose inside the game, and the notes are displayed as the animals character. When the animal is moving on the piano keyboard, user should press the key with the animal character when the relative animal moving to the highlighted area, and then the animal will start the dance show as a reward.
you can also adjust the moving speed of the animals when needed.
Have fun together with your kids!


8 brightly colored keys, 8 cute cartoon animal dances, dozens of classic melodies, and the infinite possibilities with 8 basic notes. Whether or not your child™s familiar with music, Dance Pet Piano would surely snatch their attention. It™s a nontraditional music related pre-school game that™s designed to improve musicality and other cognitive abilities.


The animals in the forest kingdom have decided to throw a party, and 8 dancers have excelled through stages of competition. They™re the bear, duck, frog, rabbit, pig, elephant, monkey and cat. In preparation for the official concert one month away, they™re rehearsing 20 tracks with various levels of difficulty, and have also invited the player to help with the piano. The songs are:

1. Simple: How do you do, Little Star, London Bridge. œHow do you do is the easiest track in the game, while œLittle Star and œLondon Bridge are the easier yet classic pieces.

2. Moderate: The Cuckoo, Dolls and Dancing Bear, Find Friends, My Dear Rabbit, Plasterer, Cradle Song, Fatty Song, Jingle Bells, Little Bee, Winter, Brother John, Hoodwinked. These tunes are arranged according to their difficulty, having some very well-known ones included as well. There are also some Christmas, forest, and nursery rhymes.

3. Difficult: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Rowing, Tow little Eyes, Firefly, The Doll. Compared to the previous rhymes, these cute and lively songs have a slightly complicated rhythmic pattern, being more challenging for the toddler.

The player uses a Rainbow Piano, which is said to be a gift from the king of the forest the tiger. Each of the 8 keys represent a note, also corresponding to various dancing stances of the 8 animal dancers. In consideration for different preference, speed can be modified according to need. The animals may dance to a slower, normal or even faster rhythm.

To begin the exciting journey of music, the player simply needs to select the track of choice. Basic music knowledge is not entirely necessary, just tap the small animals corresponding to the notes when the dancers appear under the spotlight, and watch how they dance merrily along with the rhythm.

The game™s not only a piano simulation, it™s also specially designed to help with children brain development. 20 selections of well-known classical and popular music put together with bright and colorful graphics can surely improve the child's musical, coordinating, color, and cognitive abilities.

The success of the concert depends on you now! Let's start and have fun!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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